12 April New Coronavirus Regulations in England

Updated 6th July 2021. The information on this page has been superseded by Boris Johnson’s Press Conference dated 5 July 2021

Updated 12th May 2021. The government has announced a significant easing of lockdown restrictions, which will become applicable throughout England on Monday 17th May.

View our post on the Step 3 Covid Rules applicable from Monday 17th May

From Monday 12 April we entered Step 2 of the roadmap to recovery for England.

12 April New Coronavirus Regulations
12 April New Coronavirus Regulations in England

External Links

View detailed guidance of what’s changed on the government’s website

View a PDF document of the new regulation on the government’s website (Scroll down to Step 2)

Download up to date high resolution posters from the government’s website. If you would like to download posters, this is a better option than copying the poster shown above.

This page contains information available under the Open Government Licence v3.0

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