Alcoholics Anonymous – Help in Worthing

During self-isolation, you may be feeling lonely or depressed, or experiencing both these emotions. If you feel you have or may have a problem with drinking alcohol, help is available to you during the crisis.

Alcoholics Anonymous help in Worthing. It’s available now.

A Helping Hand. Whilst our ability to help you during the coronavirus crisis may be restricted, our willingness is not. So please, if you need help with a drinking problem, phone our national helpline FREE on tel: 0800 9177650. You can also find your local helpline telephone number using the Find a Meeting tool.

Please visit the Alcoholics Anonymous website using the link above, to find out how you can access their help, including their chat service.

All AA meetings are now online

Contact Links

National Helpline: 0800 9177650
West Sussex Online Meetings – Including in Worthing: Go to West Sussex AA Page

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