Boris Johnson Press Conference 19 July – YouTube BSL version

Boris Johnson Press Conference 12 July
Boris Johnson Press Conference 19 July

So-called Freedom Day on 19 July 2021 saw Prime Minister Boris Johnson hold a press conference.

Boris Johnson Press Conference 19 July – Watch the video

Although the press conference has ended. You can watch it via the YouTube link below.

Please note that the press conference shown here has British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation.

….it is very likely we’ll get to above a thousand hospitalizations today. It could be a quite a lot higher than that, and there will be deaths, of course, associated with that. I think it’s laid out very clearly in the papers as to what the risks are associated with that. Opening up into an increasing wave, as predicted, will lead to a further increase. I think that’s very clear.

Source: Sir Patrick Vallance. Extract from the press transcript of the Boris Johnson Press Conference 19 July – by REV.COM.

Please note that the REV.COM link above is a complete transcript of the press conference and includes what Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said. Questions from the public and media are also included.

Additional Resources for Boris Johnson’s Press Conference 19 July

The government’s press transcript of what Boris Johnson’s said

Please note that the above transcript only contains what Boris Johnson said.

View slides and datasets from the press conference

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