Worthing COVID-19 Cases

Map showing coverage area of COVID-19 cases in Worthing
Map showing coverage area of COVID-19 cases in Worthing

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Government’s COVID-19 Dashboard

From the Daily Update of the COVID-19 Dashboard (that’s the page that opens when you click-through), you can view information on Testing, Cases, Healthcare and Deaths. You can drill down to local information (for example Worthing), for Testing, Cases and Deaths.

The COVID-19 Dashboard statistics on the Government’s website are updated daily at approximately 16:00 hours. On some days these updates can occur later during the day.

West Sussex COVID-19 Dashboard

Information at the West Sussex COVID-19 Dashboard is produced by the West Sussex Public Health and Social Research Unit and is, according to their web page, updated daily Monday to Friday. However, we have noticed that the data is also updated on Saturdays and Sundays. As this is a regional dashboard, you may find it easier to drill down to Worthing data or to any West Sussex area that interests you.

Go to the West Sussex COVID-19 Dashboard to view COVID-19 cases in Worthing

The West Sussex dashboard for tablets and smartphones also works fine on desktop computers. By default this mobile friendly dashboard opens up showing COVID-19 data for the whole of West Sussex. However, you can use the drop-down box at the top of the page to filter cases by local area, including Worthing.

ZOE COVID Symptom Study – Estimated active COVID-19 cases in Worthing

An alternative view of estimated active COVID-19 cases in Worthing.

To view data for Worthing and West Sussex, use the zoom and pan controls on the map to quickly show areas located on the south coast of England. Worthing is shown as the third shaded area to the left of Brighton. To see estimated cases in Worthing, Click on or touch the Worthing shaded area. The map is updated on a daily basis, usually after 11am.

About the ZOE COVID Symptom Study

The ZOE COVID Symptom Study is run by researchers at King’s College London and collects data from users who have downloaded and are reporting symptoms through the ZOE COVID Symptom Study app.

Please note that this app is not the NHS COVID-19 contact-tracing app or the NHS COVID app.

The ZOE COVID Symptom Study app (available for Android and IOS) is a major player in the fight against COVID-19 due to millions of UK users reporting on a daily basis.

How the ZOE COVID Symptom Study app works

Once a day the app reminds you to log your symptoms, if any and the data collected is shared on a daily basis with King’s College researchers and the NHS.

The reporting process takes less than a minute.

The app asks if you have ever had a COVID-19 test and if you answer No, you are asked to select from 2 options: “I feel physically normal’’ or ‘’I’m not feeling quite right.” That’s it – your report is complete.

If you report that you have had a COVID-19 test, the app will ask you for further details including the result. If you report a positive test, this will be added to the daily total for Worthing and the UK.

When you subsequently test negative for COVID-19 in Worthing and report this in the app, the number of local COVID-19 Cases and UK daily total will adjust (on the next update of the COVID Symptom Study website and app), to show your contribution.

Download the app now and join the research. Your contribution will be invaluable and help win the fight against coronavirus / COVID-19.

View more information on the COVID Symptom Study website

Tim Spector, Professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, leads the research at the COVID Symptom Study.

Watch Professor Tim Spector’s latest videos

Are vaccines still working? Dated 30 July 2021.

Are UK COVID numbers really falling? Dated 28 July 2021.

Visit the COVID Symptom Study’s YouTube channel for all videos



Map showing coverage area of coronavirus COVID-19 cases in Worthing. Derivative work: Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right, CC BY-SA 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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