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COVID-19 cases in Worthing

Government’s figures: updated on this page 1 December 2020
Covid Symptom App figures: updated on this page 2 December 2020

Map showing coverage area of COVID-19 cases in Worthing
Map showing coverage area of COVID-19 cases in Worthing

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Government’s COVID-19 cases in Worthing by specimen date

The COVID-19 Dashboard statistics are updated daily at approximately 16:00 hours.

Specimen dateDaily casesCumulative cases

About The Above Data

There is no direct web link to access the About The Data section on the government’s website. However, you can view the government’s explanation about the data here. Internal link.

New COVID-19 cases in Worthing on a Map

The View The Map link below leads to the government’s website which is normally updated daily in the afternoon at approximately 16:00 hours.

To quickly zoom in on the map of Worthing, you can either enter your postcode or copy and paste the following central Worthing postcode and enter one of those postcodes in the Find Postcode search box:

BN11 3AR

The map shows data from the House of Commons Library *MSOA areas.

Government explanation of data on the map

Data includes lab confirmed positive cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) reported by (date shown on map) with specimen dates between (dates shown on map).

To view the date range covered you need to click on or touch the information icon which is directly below the postcode search box.

The date range shown on the map means there is a reporting delay.

**Small numbers on the map: Numbers from 0 to 2 (inclusive) are grouped.

This means that figures for areas which have less than three positive cases, are not included.

ZOE COVID Symptom Study – Estimated Active UK and Worthing COVID-19 Cases

An alternative view of UK-wide active COVID-19 cases

The ZOE COVID Symptom Study is run by researchers at King’s College London and collects data from users who have downloaded and are reporting symptoms through the ZOE COVID Symptom Study app.

To view data for Worthing and West Sussex, use the zoom and pan controls on the map to quickly show areas located on the south coast of England. Worthing is shown as the third shaded area to the left of Brighton. To see estimated COVID-19 cases in Worthing, Click on or touch the Worthing shaded area.

Please note that this app is not the NHS COVID-19 contact-tracing app which launched on 24th September 2020.

The ZOE COVID Symptom Study app (available for Android and IOS) is a major player in the fight against COVID-19 due to millions of UK users reporting on a daily basis.

Extracts from the COVID Symptom Study map of estimated COVID-19 cases in Worthing

If you are using a mobile phone, you may need to switch to horizontal mode and/or scroll to the right by touching the table and swiping it to the left.

Map Date Stamp# of ContributorsActive Cases Per Million People (Estimated)# of Active Cases (Estimated)
02 Dec2,1052,528252
01 Dec2,1242,897288
30 Nov2,1232,612260
29 Nov2,1153,665365
28 Nov2,1023,998398
27 Nov2,0625,059503
26 Nov2,0584,783476
25 Nov2,0734,899488

How the ZOE COVID Symptom Study app works

Once a day the app reminds you to log your symptoms, if any and the data collected is shared on a daily basis with King’s College reasearchers and the NHS.

The reporting process takes less than a minute and once a week a few additional lifestyle questions are asked and on that day the reporting process takes less than 2 minutes.

The app asks if you have ever had a COVID-19 test and if you answer No, you are asked to select from 2 options: “I feel physically normal’’ or ‘’I’m not feeling quite right.” On the six days when no lifestyle questions are asked, that’s it – your report is complete.

If you report that you have had a COVID-19 test, the app will ask you for further details including the result. If you report a positive test, this will be added to the daily total for Worthing and the UK.

When you subsequently test negative for COVID-19 in Worthing and report this in the app, the number of lcoal COVID-19 Cases and UK daily total will adjust (on the next update of the COVID Symptom Study website and app), to show your contribution.

Download the app now and join the research. Your contribution will be invaluable and help win the fight against COVID-19.

View more information on the COVID Symptom Study website

UK COVID-19 Overall Figures from MS Bing

The statistics below are from MS Bing and update automatically every 10 minutes. Bings uses the government’s COVID-19 Dashboard as its data source. Please note that the government figures are updated daily at approximately 16:00 hours.

This means that the figures below will not change until soon after the government updates its figures. On occasions we have seen updates to the COVID-19 Dashboard data appear late in the evening.

Apart from the Isle of Man, Jersey and Gurnsey, it is not possible to drill-down to other UK regional levels in the Bing statistics.

You can drag the map to other countries, some of which do show statistics at a regional level. The amount of circles per country indicate the amount of statistics available at a regional level.

Notes and Explanations

*Government explanation of MSOA Areas

Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOA) are a standard statistical geography of approximately 7,200 people. Some MSOAs have the same name as local electoral wards and figures should not be compared with ward data you may see published elsewhere.

This means that the name of your Worthing electoral ward may not appear in the map, but data from it is included. One example is the Tarring electoral ward which comes under the Durrington South MSOA name.

MSOAs – Minimum and maximum numbers

Minimum population 5,000. Maximum population 15,000. Maximum number of households 6,000.

**Small numbers: Numbers from 0 to 2 (inclusive) are grouped – Suppression of data

The government feels that disclosing actual numbers of small new cases of positive COVID-19 results in MSOA areas could lead to the identification of individuals concerned. We take a neutral view on this and instead refer you to someone who has published an article about this suppression of data in MSOAs:

To read Shaw Sheet’s take on suppression of numbers in MSOAs, scroll down towards the foot of the article linked to above and read the paragraph starting with “Suppression of data is often used to ensure the anonymity of individuals in small areas.”

Links to Government coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

COVID-19 Dashboard. Use the menu which you will find on the left-hand side if you are using a desktop or laptop. Use the menu icon (on a dark green background) at the top right-hand side if you are viewing on a narrow screen such as a mobile phone.

About the data. This link explains more about COVID-19 data collection and how it is processed by the government.

Government Public Health Matters Blog. Post about the COVID-19 Dashboard.


Map of Worthing: Derivative work: Contains Ordnance Survey data© Crown copyright and database right.
This page contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

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