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Worthing Community Chest now in fifth week of emergency funding!

We kicked off our COVID-19 campaign on Thursday 19th March by posting a video announcement on Facebook. Since then, together with our local groups, we have achieved an enormous amount.

In the past 5 weeks we have received 34 applications and 4 top up requests (as of 21st of April).

Out of those, we are currently funding 17 groups including 8 local mutual aid groups, two schools with very vulnerable pupils and families, an emergency food bank, a vegan foodbank, Worthing Soup Kitchen and a Hot Food for the Homeless Project.

We have funded one group to help them move their entire project online and contributed towards the hosting costs of a local website which provides a central online location for all Worthing’s neighbourhood support groups.

We have also contributed towards the costs of materials for the national 3D PPE printing project set up and co-ordinated locally through Transition Town and Colonnade House. They are doing an absolutely unbelievable job in helping to protect our front line care workers.

We have signposted many more individuals and organisations to other sources of funding and support, both locally and regionally.

There is always more we can do.

Contact details for Worthing Community Chest

Contact Naomi on this link if you think we can help your group, and for more information.

Source: Worthing Community Chest Facebook Page

COVID-19 Emergency Funding – Our Experience at is a not-for-profit community resource for Worthing. We applied for COVID-19 emergency funding to cover out-of-pocket expenses related to website hosting. Worthing Community Chest responded quickly with a positive decision and funds were soon received via on-line transfer.

A big thank you to Worthing Community Chest!

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