COVID Briefing on 4 January from 10 Downing Street

COVID Briefing on 4 January from 10 Downing Street
Prime Minister’s COVID Briefing on 4 January from 10 Downing Street

The Prime Minister held a COVID briefing on 4 January 2022

The speakers were:

  • Boris Johnson, Prime Minister
  • Professor Sir Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer, England
  • Sir Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Advisor

Boris Johnson told the Downing Street news conference: How absolutely crazy it is, absolutely crazy, that there are two million slots this week for people to get vaccinated and yet the majority of people in ICU for Covid are not vaccinated – 61%. “It is sad but it is also a huge opportunity for us to correct it.”

In response to a press question, Professor Sir Chris Whitty stated he was “saddened” by the numbers of unvaccinated people in intensive care. “The great majority of them are not anti-vaxxers in ordinary sense with some really weird ideas”.

Watch what Professor Sir Chris Whitty said about vaccinations

Comments made by Professor Sir Chris Whitty

Watch the Prime Minister’s COVID Briefing on 4 January


Transcript on the government’s website of what the Prime Minister said (This has not yet been published by Downing Street and if it becomes available, Worthing Support will link to it.

Government press release about the COVID Briefing on 4 January
Slides and datasets for the COVID briefing on 4 January
Transcript of the Prime Minister’s address to the nation

As is usual in the government’s COVID briefing transcripts, only the Prime Minister’s opening statement is covered. The transcripts do not show questions from journalists or members of the public. The transcripts also do not show anything said by other speakers or answers given by others speakers present. However, the YouTube video above does show the complete briefing.

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