Survey – Fitness levels and COVID-19 symptoms

Fitness levels and COVID-19 symptoms survey by Sheffield Hallam University
Fitness levels and COVID-19 symptoms survey by Sheffield Hallam University

Investigating the relationship between fitness levels and COVID-19 symptoms in people diagnosed with COVID-19

I am a researcher at Sheffield Hallam University (Sheffield, UK) where myself and my colleagues are conducting a global online survey exploring the relationship between COVID-19 symptoms and physical activity levels. We hope that will help us develop rehabilitation services for people suffering from post-COVID-19 side effects.

This survey (see external link below) is aiming to reach and be completed by those infected by COVID-19. The study is ethically approved.

You can also keep up to date with our research by following the Facebook page:

Author and Source: Beatrice Hunt from the Worthing-Wide COVID-19 Facebook group

If you are not a member of the Worthing-Wide COVID-19 private group and you cannot see this post, you can view the content on the official Sheffield Hallam University Facebook page.

A message from the editor at Worthing Support

Good luck with your research and survey and thank you too for the work you are doing for us all. It is very much appreciated.

If you are suffering from Long Covid symptoms, please do take part in this survey. Your experience will be invaluable and help inform the researchers.

Image attribution – Sheffield Hallam Univesity logo: Sheffield Hallam University / Public domain / Wikimedia Commons

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