Join Worthing Library or your nearest library now!

Are you a member of one of the Worthing libraries? Or are you thinking of joining a local library?

To comply with Government social distancing instructions, all libraries in Worthing and the UK are closed. This information is correct at this news post publication date of 28th of April 2020.

The good news is that West Sussex libraries now offer an extensive free online library borrowing service.

Join Worthing Library and read online
Join Worthing Library and read online!

Summary of online library services you can access in Worthing and West Sussex

You can read books, magazines and newspapers digitally, listen to audiobooks and learn from home.

Full list of online library services for Worthing and West Sussex

  • Join the Library
  • VE Day 75
  • Borrow eBooks
  • Borrow eMagazines
  • Read eNewspapers
  • Borrow eAudiobooks
  • Children’s Activities
  • Rhyme & Story Time
  • Children’s Learning
  • Borrow eComics
  • Information Service
  • Family & Local History
  • Learning from Home
  • For Care Homes
  • Wellbeing Resources
  • Things to do at home
  • Digital Support
  • Melody for the Mind

My Review of selected online content available at West Sussex Libraries

I am a member of Worthing Library and am pleased to tell you that the digital offer is excellent.

I joined Worthing library by filling out a simple online form. You can choose to join your closest library. During the sign-up process I was informed that my library ticket number would be emailed the following day. In my case I was thrilled to receive my library ticket number the same day!

Depending on the type of content you would like to read, there are a couple of items of free software you will need to download onto your computer or to your Android or iOS smartphone.

This process was simple enough and in around ten minutes I was ready to start reading on my computer. I first chose to browse some daily newspapers. These were all up-to-date publications.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the newspapers I looked at were the same I could buy at my local shop or newsagent. I was presented with the newspaper cover page and could go from page to page and see the page numbers – just like I would have seen on my real newspaper.

Screenshot of The Guardian dated 28th April 2020

Screenshot of The Guardian Newspaper
Screenshot of The Guardian Newspaper at West Sussex Libraries

I then checked the eBook and eMagazine section

Screenshot of the fiction and non-fiction section

Screenshot of the fiction and non-fiction section at West Sussex Libraries

Screenshot of the magazine section

Screenshot of the magazine section at West Sussex Libraries

To borrow an eBook or eMagazine, all you need do is select it and then choose the checkout option.

Join Worthing Library Now!

I have shown you a little of what you can see online at West Sussex Libraries and I think the service is fantastic.

As you can see from the full list above, there is a vast amount of different types of interests you can follow. There is something here for everyone.

Well done West Sussex Libraries!

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