Prime Minister’s Press Briefing 14 June

The information on this page has been superseded by Boris Johnson’s Press Conference dated 5 July 2021.

Main points from the Prime Minister’s Press Briefing 14th June

The following has been reposted from the Worthing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Facebook Support Network:

  • The Delta variant is spreading faster than was predicted in the road map.
  • Hospital admissions are increasing by 50% week on week.
  • Even if the link between infection and admission has been weakened, it hasn’t been severed
  • Numbers in ITU are rising
  • We face a difficult choice – thousands of more deaths could ensue if we proceed with the roadmap
  • So, we are pausing until Monday 19th July
  • We will have completely vaccinated ⅔ of the adult population by this date, and by this date everyone over the age of 18 will have had at least one dose
  • Step 4 openings are delayed until July the 19th
  • Latest R number is 1.2 – 1.4


Will university students be fully vaccinated by the time they go to Uni in September?

We will look at accelerating those second doses.

When will weddings be prioritised?

Weddings CAN go ahead with more than 30 people on June 21st providing social distancing measures are in place.

Will all social distancing measures be lifted on the 19th July?

We need to learn to live with the virus and deal with it as best we can. By July 19th, we should be able to go to step 4, but there is always the possibility that we may need more time.

How about vaccinating children?

We are considering many factors including the effect of missing schooling due to Covid.

How about financial support for businesses?

We aren’t going backwards so businesses trading will continue to trade. We are confident that we will get there.

Source: Worthing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Facebook Support Network

Prime Minister’s Press Briefing 14th June – Watch the video

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