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Scams in West Sussex – Staying Safe Online

Scams in West Sussex
Staying safe online logo. Scams in West Sussex

I have previously written about the Please order a test kit COVID scam text, which has been received several times by family members of mine. As also reported on the Worthing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support Network*, members of the group have also received these scam texts.

*To view the post, you will need to be a member of this Facebook group.

An opportunity for fraudsters

Fraudsters are constantly on the lookout for new ways in which they can scam us and COVID is, and has been a golden opportunity for those with malicious intent, who seek to deprive us of our money.

Up-and-coming webinars

I would like to draw your attention to a series of up-and-coming webinars, details of which I have recently received from Neighbourhood Alert, part of Sussex Police. Neighbourhood Alert have asked for the details to be shared.

If you would like to receive neighbourhood alerts, you can sign up using the link in the above paragraph.

Scams in West Sussex – Staying safe online webinars

Wednesday 23 November 2022. 10:00 to 11:30. Book this online webinar
Tuesday 7 February 2023. 14:00 to 15:30. Book this online webinar

As part of the same scam awareness, Neighbourhood Alert are also publicising the following services:

Digital Ambassadors

The West Sussex Get Safe Online Digital Ambassadors can support residents to stay safe online.

Digital Safety in Schools

There is also a Digital Safety Package for schools – you can request your school take a look if they have not already signed up to the service.