Social Distancing

Please still adhere to social distancing and good handwashing

Social Distancing
An important reminder to us all

The author of this post from the Worthing-Wide COVID-19 Facebook support group has kindly given permission for their experience to be shared on this website.

Having had COVID-19, 7 weeks on I am still struggling with symptoms many of which are described in the article below. I am a fit and healthy 46 year old with no underlying medical conditions and this has totally knocked me for 6. I am not back at work and currently don’t feel I am able to return in the near future. I am a nurse who caught this at work.

The thought of anyone else feeling like this leaves me feeling very sad.

Please, please still adhere to social distancing and good handwashing etc. This is a horrible virus!

Read the article referred to above on the Guardian’s Newspaper website. (opens in new browser window)

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