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Stay At Home and Non Essential Travel

Sussex Police has issued this important Non Essential Travel message to you on their Facebook page

We are hugely appreciative of everyone who is staying at home and avoiding unnecessary trips out of home.

We’d all like to enjoy our usual walking spots but for the short term we are asking you to support us in reducing all unnecessary travel on the roads which includes driving somewhere to take exercise and walk a dog. These changes are specifically to slow the spread of COVID-19, prevent the National Health Service becoming overwhelmed and to ultimately save lives.

COVID-19 is a threat to the health of everyone not just the vulnerable.

Sussex Police poster about staying at home
Sussex Police Non Essential Travel Poster

We ask you to walk the beat close to home to reduce the risks inherent in travelling around and to play your part in helping each other get through these challenging times quickly and safely.

Our favourite walks will be waiting for us when this is over but the people we walk them with might not be. Please take our advice seriously to
#StayHomeSaveLives and #ProtectTheNHS.


Stay at Home and Save Lives

It is now Sunday morning on the 5th of April 2020 and the weather forecast for today is for wall to wall sunshine across Worthing and the Sussex area. The top day-time temperature is predicted to reach 16C (61F).

Why is Government instructing us to Stay At Home?

A possible scenario. You go for an unnecessary walk or drive and you have an accident. The cause of the accident may not be your fault. Your accident may involve attendance of the following:

  • Emergency services such as the police, ambulance and fire brigade
  • Car breakdown services including vehicle recovery services
  • Highway cleaning services
  • Extra public interest due to “sightseers”