Step 3 COVID Rules – Applicable from 17 May

The information on this page has been superseded by Boris Johnson’s Press Conference dated 5 July 2021.

Step 3 COVID rules - Applicable from 17 May
Step 3 COVID rules – Applicable from 17 May

On Monday 17 May, England will enter the Step 3 COVID rules of the government’s roadmap to recovery.

The following information has been reposted from the Worthing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Facebook Support Network.

Main points from Downing Street Press Briefing 10th May led by the Prime Minister

The 4 tests for further easing the lockdown in England have been passed.

Step 3 will come in from Monday 17th May, this is the single biggest step on the roadmap:

Changes include:

  • Rule of 6 and 2 households meeting will apply indoors
  • Outdoor meeting limit will increase to 30
  • You can sit inside a pub or a restaurant
  • You can go the cinema
  • Children can use inside play areas
  • The doors to theatres and concert halls and conference centres are reopening
  • Sports stadiums will open subject to limited numbers
  • Everyone will be able to travel within Britain and stay overnight
  • Schools can organise trips overnight
  • Face coverings will not be needed in classrooms or communal areas in secondary schools or colleges
  • All University students can return to in person teaching where they should be testing twice a week
  • Named visitors in care homes will increase from 2 to 5

More information will be given out about office working later this week.

From the 17th May, the information about close contact between friends and family will be updated.

Think about the vulnerability of your loved ones, have they had the second vaccine, has it taken time to work before you hug, do you have adequate ventilation?

Social distancing must still be in place in workplaces, shops, pubs, restaurants and other settings away from friends and family.


How will unvaccinated people be protected when hugs/physical contact is allowed?

Only hug if it is appropriate and the risk is low. Remember, even with 2 doses, you can still get Covid.

Will the June 21st date come forward for Step 4?

We must proceed carefully and be guided by the data, so the gap between each step allows the tests to be considered. Step 3 is a big step to take, so we must assess very carefully the effects of this.

Are you expecting people to be careful with who they hug and when? Will you scrap social distancing from June 21st?

Yes, exercise common sense. We may be able to scrap the 1m but we don’t yet know.

Will working from home no longer be the guidance from June 21st?

Later this month we will give the guidance. Eventually we will see offices back to fully working and town centres buzzing again.

Source: Worthing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Facebook Support Network

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View full information about the Step 3 Covid Rules on the government’s website

How the Step 3 Covid Rules will change on 17 May (external link)

View the full Prime Minister’s press conference of 10 May 2021

Step 3 COVID rules from 17 May. Press conference – YouTube external link

Click the image to view the Prime Minister's press conference of 10 May
Click the image to view the Prime Minister’s press conference of 10 May 2021

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