Worthing Coronavirus Helplines – Local and National

Worthing Coronavirus Helplines - Screenshot
Screenshot of Worthing Coronavirus Helplines

Worthing Coronavirus Helplines For You

The Worthing-Wide coronavirus COVID-19 Facebook group have put together a set of very comprehensive help documents:

1) List of Helplines

  • Corona Virus Support
  • Benefits & Money Support
  • Domestic Violence and Abuse Support
  • Safeguarding – Children, Young People and Adults
  • Elderly Care Support Services and Clubs
  • BAME (Black and Ethnic Minorities)
  • Homelessness

2) Key Contacts and Information

  • List of support organisations for anyone needing advice, support or just someone to talk to.

Other help documents are available too.

You can view the complete list of documents in the files section at the Worthing-Wide Facebook group.

You will need join the group to view the documents.

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