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Worthing Food Delivery To Your Home

Church Road in Tarring

Worthing Food Delivery During Lockdown

The Tarring Facebook coronavirus support group have put together a list of local food and drink companies who are still delivering to Worthing homes.

The food delivery services are listed in a Google spreadsheet, available at the Tarring Facebook support group.

You don’t need to download the list and you don’t need any special software to read it. The spreadsheet can be opened using a computer or smartphone browser. This is so that the list of food delivery services can be kept updated and always be as up-to-date as possible. The link will always remain the same.

What’s in the Food Delivery List

There are Facebook pages, regular website links for people who don’t use Facebook and phone numbers for those without internet access. There are also some keywords you can search by, for types of food, allergies and dietary choices etc.

You Can Print the List!

If you know someone who doesn’t have internet but could call to order, please consider printing out the list and popping it through their door

How to Request Changes to the List

At the top left-hand corner of the spreadsheet, you will see instructions of how to request changes to the list.

Please note, if anyone on the list drops out, the listing will be crossed out, rather than deleted. This will make it less likely for an out of date entry to be added in again by mistake.


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