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Worthing Street List – Locate your Neighbourhood Facebook Group Worthing Street List

The Worthing street list below is based on Worthing electoral wards. The Worthing COVID-19 neighbourhood Facebook support groups are in turn based on these electoral wards.

To locate and visit your neighbourhood Facebook support group, search for your street name using the search facility below.

Map of Worthing electoral Wards
Map of Worthing electoral Wards

We also have an interactive map of Worthing neighbourhood groups.

Where streets have Facebook street-level support groups, we link to them.

Some streets span more than one electoral ward. In those cases, your street name will appear more than once. You can visit each group to determine the appropriate Facebook COVID-19 neighbourhood group for your address.

The Worthing Street List and Search

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Neighbourhood Street ListsLinks to neighbourhood websites & Facebook Support groups
Broadwater Street List
Broadwater, Selden & East Worthing Support Website
Allington RoadVisit Group
Angola RoadVisit Group
Beaumont RoadVisit Group
Bramber RoadVisit Group
Bramley CloseVisit Group
Bramley RoadVisit Group
Broadwater Street EastVisit Group
Broadwater Street WestVisit Group
Broadwater WayVisit Group
Charmandean RoadVisit Group
Cissbury RoadVisit Group
Clarendon RoadVisit Group
Congreve RoadVisit Group
Deacon WayVisit Group
Decoy RoadVisit Group
Dominion CloseVisit Group
Dominion RoadVisit Group
Dominion WayVisit Group
Dominion Way WestVisit Group
Downlands AvenueVisit Group
Downlands GardensVisit Group
Easting CloseVisit Group
Fletcher RoadVisit Group
Forest Road – has subgroupVisit Main Group
Visit Subgroup
Gainsborough AvenueVisit Group
Garrick RoadVisit Group
Goldsmith RoadVisit Group
Grove RoadVisit Group
Ivy Arch RoadVisit Group
King Edward AvenueVisit Group
King Edward CloseVisit Group
Kingsland RoadVisit Group
Kingsley CloseVisit Group
Hadley AvenueVisit Group
Hamilton CloseVisit Group
Harrison CourtVisit Group
Harrison RoadVisit Group
Hawthorn CrescentVisit Group
Hawthorn GardensVisit Group
Hawthorn RoadVisit Group
Lamorna GroveVisit Group
Leigh RoadVisit Group
Leighton AvenueVisit Group
Marlowe RoadVisit Group
Marston RoadVisit Group
Meredith RoadVisit Group
Morland AvenueVisit Group
Northbrook CloseVisit Group
Northbrook RoadVisit Group
Paxmead CrescentVisit Group
Penfold RoadVisit Group
Radbone CloseVisit Group
Ruskin RoadVisit Group
Russell CloseVisit Group
Sackville CrescentVisit Group
Sackville RoadVisit Group
Sackville WayVisit Group
Sandringham Mews, Shandon RoadVisit Group
Shandon GardensVisit Group
Shandon RoadVisit Group
Shandon WayVisit Group
Sheridan RoadVisit Group
Slindon CloseVisit Group
Slindon RoadVisit Group
Sompting AvenueVisit Group
Sompting By-PassVisit Group
Sompting RoadVisit Group
Southdownview CloseVisit Group
Southdownview RoadVisit Group
Southdownview WayVisit Group
Southfield RoadVisit Group
Southways AvenueVisit Group
Thackeray RoadVisit Group
The Quashetts, Broadwater Street EastVisit Group
The TemplarsVisit Group
Turner RoadVisit Group
Upper Brighton RoadVisit Group
Warner RoadVisit Group
Wigmore RoadVisit Group
Willowbrook RoadVisit Group
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Castle Street List
Alexandra CourtVisit Group
Anson RoadVisit Group
Avondale CloseVisit Group
Bolsover RoadVisit Group
BoxgroveVisit Group
Bridge CloseVisit Group
Burlington RoadVisit Group
Cavendish CloseVisit Group
Chesterfield RoadVisit Group
Chilgrove CloseVisit Group
Coleridge CloseVisit Group
Coleridge CrescentVisit Group
Coleridge RoadVisit Group
Collingwood RoadVisit Group
Coniston RoadVisit Group
Crossways AvenueVisit Group
Cumberland AvenueVisit Group
Derwent DriveVisit Group
Ditchling CloseVisit Group
Drake AvenueVisit Group
Fittleworth CloseVisit Group
Frobisher CloseVisit Group
Frobisher WayVisit Group
Galsworthy CloseVisit Group
Galsworthy RoadVisit Group
Goring ChaseVisit Group
Goring StreetVisit Group
Grenville AvenueVisit Group
Grenville CloseVisit Group
Harting CloseVisit Group
Harwood AvenueVisit Group
Henfield CloseVisit Group
Kelso CloseVisit Group
Keswick CloseVisit Group
Keystone CloseVisit Group
Kipling AvenueVisit Group
Kithurst CloseVisit Group
Kithurst CrescentVisit Group
Lavant CloseVisit Group
Lavinia CourtVisit Group
Limbrick CloseVisit Group
Limbrick LaneVisit Group
Limbrick WayVisit Group
Littlehampton RoadVisit Group
May CloseVisit Group
Maybridge CrescentVisit Group
Maybridge SquareVisit Group
Melrose AvenueVisit Group
Melrose CloseVisit Group
Melville WayVisit Group
Nelson RoadVisit Group
Newtimber AvenueVisit Group
Palatine RoadVisit Group
Patching CloseVisit Group
Poling CloseVisit Group
Raleigh CrescentVisit Group
Raleigh WayVisit Group
Ringmer RoadVisit Group
Rodmell RoadVisit Group
Rothesay CloseVisit Group
Selkirk CloseVisit Group
Southwater CloseVisit Group
St Richards CloseVisit Group
Steyning CloseVisit Group
Strathmore CloseVisit Group
Strathmore RoadVisit Group
Terringes AvenueVisit Group
The AvenueVisit Group
The BoulevardVisit Group
The CausewayVisit Group
The Green WayVisit Group
The PallantVisit Group
The QuadrantVisit Group
The StrandVisit Group
Wavertree RoadVisit Group
Windermere CrescentVisit Group
Yeoman WayVisit Group
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Central Street List
Abbotts CloseVisit Group
Alfred PlaceVisit Group
Ambrose PlaceVisit Group
Amelia RoadVisit Group
Anglesea StreetVisit Group
Ann StreetVisit Group
Ash GroveVisit Group
Ashdown RoadVisit Group
Augusta PlaceVisit Group
Bank PassageVisit Group
Bedford RowVisit Group
Brighton RoadVisit Group
Buckingham RoadVisit Group
Cambridge RoadVisit Group
Chandos RoadVisit Group
Chapel RoadVisit Group
Charlecote RoadVisit Group
Chatsworth RoadVisit Group
Chesswood RoadVisit Group
Christchurch RoadVisit Group
Clifton RoadVisit Group
Coach House MewsVisit Group
Cobden RoadVisit Group
Crescent RoadVisit Group
Cross StreetVisit Group
Dagmar StreetVisit Group
Elizabeth RoadVisit Group
Elm RoadVisit Group
Gordon RoadVisit Group
Grafton PlaceVisit Group
Graham RoadVisit Group
Gratwicke RoadVisit Group
Grosvenor RoadVisit Group
Hertford RoadVisit Group
High Street (Central Ward)Visit Group
Howard StreetVisit Group
Humphrys RoadVisit Group
Lennox RoadVisit Group
Library PlaceVisit Group
Little High StreetVisit Group
Liverpool GardensVisit Group
Liverpool RoadVisit Group
Liverpool TerraceVisit Group
London StreetVisit Group
Lyndhurst RoadVisit Group
Madeira AvenueVisit Group
Marine ParadeVisit Group
Market StreetVisit Group
Markwick MewsVisit Group
Montague PlaceVisit Group
Montague StreetVisit Group
New StreetVisit Group
Newland RoadVisit Group
Newland StreetVisit Group
Norfolk StreetVisit Group
North StreetVisit Group
Orme RoadVisit Group
Oxford RoadVisit Group
Park AvenueVisit Group
Park CrescentVisit Group
Park RoadVisit Group
Portland RoadVisit Group
Prospect PlaceVisit Group
Providence TerraceVisit Group
Railway ApproachVisit Group
Richmond RoadVisit Group
Salisbury RoadVisit Group
Shakespeare RoadVisit Group
Shelley RoadVisit Group
South Farm RoadVisit Group
South Street (Central Ward)Visit Group
St Matthews RoadVisit Group
Stanhope RoadVisit Group
Stanley RoadVisit Group
Station RoadVisit Group
Steyne GardensVisit Group
Stoke Abbott RoadVisit Group
Surrey StreetVisit Group
Sussex RoadVisit Group
Tarring RoadVisit Group
Teville PlaceVisit Group
Teville RoadVisit Group
The SteyneVisit Group
Tower RoadVisit Group
Treveor CloseVisit Group
Union PlaceVisit Group
Upper High StreetVisit Group
Victoria Park GardensVisit Group
Victoria RoadVisit Group
Warwick GardensVisit Group
Warwick Lane, Warwick StreetVisit Group
Warwick PlaceVisit Group
Warwick RoadVisit Group
Wenban RoadVisit Group
West BuildingsVisit Group
West StreetVisit Group
WestbrookeVisit Group
Winton PlaceVisit Group
Wyke AvenueVisit Group
York RoadVisit Group
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Durrington & Northbrook Street List
Adelaide CloseVisit Group
Adur AvenueVisit Group
Ainsdale CloseVisit Group
Ainsdale RoadVisit Group
Alberta RoadVisit Group
Alder CloseVisit Group
Apsley WayVisit Group
Arun CloseVisit Group
Arun CrescentVisit Group
Arundel Road - Castle GoringVisit Group
Ashburnham CloseVisit Group
Avalon WayVisit Group
Batemans CloseVisit Group
Beckworth CloseVisit Group
Birches CloseVisit Group
Birkdale CloseVisit Group
Birkdale RoadVisit Group
Blenheim AvenueVisit Group
Bourne CloseVisit Group
Bramble CloseVisit Group
Bramble CrescentVisit Group
Bramble LaneVisit Group
Bridgnorth CloseVisit Group
Brisbane CloseVisit Group
Burnham RoadVisit Group
Callon CloseVisit Group
Canberra RoadVisit Group
Castle Goring Way, Castle GoringVisit Group
Carisbrooke DriveVisit Group
Chaffinch CloseVisit Group
Chalfont WayVisit Group
Cherwell RoadVisit Group
Chesley CloseVisit Group
Chestnut WalkVisit Group
Clyde CloseVisit Group
Clyde RoadVisit Group
Colne CloseVisit Group
Columbia DriveVisit Group
Corfe CloseVisit Group
Crosby CloseVisit Group
Cypress AvenueVisit Group
Dart CloseVisit Group
Deerswood CloseVisit Group
Durrington HillVisit Group
Durrington LaneVisit Group
Edmonton RoadVisit Group
Elm MewsVisit Group
Eriskay CourtVisit Group
Essenhigh DriveVisit Group
Faraday CloseVisit Group
Forest LaneVisit Group
Foxglove WalkVisit Group
Franklin RoadVisit Group
Fulbeck AvenueVisit Group
Fulbeck WayVisit Group
Gatcombe CloseVisit Group
Greenland CloseVisit Group
Greenland MewsVisit Group
Greenland RoadVisit Group
Halifax DriveVisit Group
Hamble GardensVisit Group
Hamble WayVisit Group
Harlech CloseVisit Group
Highclere WayVisit Group
Hildon CloseVisit Group
Hobart CloseVisit Group
Holly CloseVisit Group
HollyacresVisit Group
Hudson CloseVisit Group
Humber AvenueVisit Group
Humber CloseVisit Group
Hurley RoadVisit Group
Ivydore AvenueVisit Group
Ivydore CloseVisit Group
Jevington CloseVisit Group
Juniper CloseVisit Group
Kennet CloseVisit Group
Kingfisher CloseVisit Group
Kingsbridge MewsVisit Group
Laurel CloseVisit Group
Leeds CloseVisit Group
Lewis CourtVisit Group
Lilac CloseVisit Group
Littlehampton RoadVisit Group
Littlestone RoadVisit Group
Loddon CloseVisit Group
Lyn RoadVisit Group
Magnolia CloseVisit Group
Manitoba WayVisit Group
Meadow Sweet CloseVisit Group
Medway CloseVisit Group
Mersey CloseVisit Group
Mersey RoadVisit Group
Montreal WayVisit Group
Moore CloseVisit Group
Muirfield CloseVisit Group
Muirfield RoadVisit Group
New RoadVisit Group
Ontario CloseVisit Group
Ontario GardensVisit Group
Orkney CourtVisit Group
Palm CourtVisit Group
Pennycress AvenueVisit Group
Pond LaneVisit Group
Pond MewsVisit Group
Poplar RoadVisit Group
Raglan AvenueVisit Group
Redwood CloseVisit Group
Rees CloseVisit Group
Rochester CloseVisit Group
Rockingham CloseVisit Group
Rockingham Court, Rockingham CloseVisit Group
Roedean RoadVisit Group
Romany RoadVisit Group
Salvington RoadVisit Group
Samphire DriveVisit Group
Sandringham Mews, Durrington LaneVisit Group
Saxifrage WayVisit Group
Scotney CloseVisit Group
Sefton CloseVisit Group
Shelby RoadVisit Group
Sherbrooke CloseVisit Group
Shetland CourtVisit Group
Silver Birch DriveVisit Group
Speedwell CloseVisit Group
Spey CloseVisit Group
Squadron DriveVisit Group
Stour CloseVisit Group
Stour RoadVisit Group
Summerdown CloseVisit Group
Sunningdale RoadVisit Group
Swallows Green DriveVisit Group
Tamar AvenueVisit Group
Tamar CloseVisit Group
Tasman WayVisit Group
Tavy CloseVisit Group
Tavy RoadVisit Group
Taw CloseVisit Group
Thames WayVisit Group
Thomson CloseVisit Group
Timber CloseVisit Group
Titnore LaneVisit Group
Titnore WayVisit Group
Toronto CloseVisit Group
Torridge CloseVisit Group
Twyford CloseVisit Group
Twyford GardensVisit Group
Twyford RoadVisit Group
Tyne CloseVisit Group
Vancouver CloseVisit Group
Vancouver RoadVisit Group
Varey RoadVisit Group
Vicarage FieldsVisit Group
Walnut Tree WayVisit Group
Wayside AvenueVisit Group
Wear CloseVisit Group
Wear RoadVisit Group
Welland CloseVisit Group
Welland RoadVisit Group
Whitebeam RoadVisit Group
Willow CrescentVisit Group
Windrush CloseVisit Group
Winterbourne CloseVisit Group
Winterbourne WayVisit Group
Woodpecker WayVisit Group
Yeoman GateVisit Group
Yeoman RoadVisit Group
Yeoman WayVisit Group
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Gaisford Street List
Adversane RoadVisit Group
Alfriston CloseVisit Group
Alfriston RoadVisit Group
Ardsheal CloseVisit Group
Ardsheal RoadVisit Group
Balcombe AvenueVisit Group
Bashfords LaneVisit Group
Beaumont RoadVisit Group
Bridge RoadVisit Group
Brittany RoadVisit Group
Cecilian AvenueVisit Group
Broadwater BoulevardVisit Group
Broadwater RoadVisit Group
Broadwater Street EastVisit Group
Broadwater Mews, Broadwater Street EastVisit Group
Brockley CloseVisit Group
Bulkington Avenue – has subgroupVisit Main Group
Visit Subgroup
Carnegie CloseVisit Group
Carnegie gardensVisit Group
Carnegie RoadVisit Group
Centrecourt RoadVisit Group
Congreve RoadVisit Group
Cortis AvenueVisit Group
Cranleigh RoadVisit Group
Eastcourt RoadVisit Group
Evelyn RoadVisit Group
Fairlawn DriveVisit Group
Gaisford CloseVisit Group
Gaisford RoadVisit Group
Georgia AvenueVisit Group
Glebeside AvenueVisit Group
Glebeside CloseVisit Group
Henty CloseVisit Group
Henty RoadVisit Group
Ivy Arch RoadVisit Group
King Edward AvenueVisit Group
King StreetVisit Group
Lanfranc RoadVisit Group
Langton RoadVisit Group
Livesay CrescentVisit Group
Loder GardensVisit Group
Loxley Gardens, Bulkington AvenueVisit Group
Loxwood Avenue – has subgroupVisit Main Group
Visit Subgroup
Normandy RoadVisit Group
Northcourt RoadVisit Group
Nutbourne RoadVisit Group
Orchard AvenueVisit Group
Orchard CloseVisit Group
Osmonde CloseVisit Group
Pavilion RoadVisit Group
Pembury CloseVisit Group
Pembury RoadVisit Group
Queen StreetVisit Group
Rectory GardensVisit Group
Rectory RoadVisit Group
Saxony RoadVisit Group
Shermanbury RoadVisit Group
Sompting AvenueVisit Group
South Farm RoadVisit Group
Southcourt RoadVisit Group
St Anselm’s RoadVisit Group
St Elmo RoadVisit Group
St Lawrence AvenueVisit Group
St Thomas’s RoadVisit Group
St Wilfred’s RoadVisit Group
Stopham CloseVisit Group
The QuashettsVisit Group
The Square, Broadwater Street EastVisit Group
Walnut Lodge, Bulkington AvenueVisit Group
Watersfield RoadVisit Group
Westbourne AvenueVisit Group
Westcourt PlaceVisit Group
Westcourt RoadVisit Group
Westdean RoadVisit Group
Wiston AvenueVisit Group
Wiston CloseVisit Group
Woodmancote RoadVisit Group
Woodside RoadVisit Group
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Heene & Central Street List
Abbey RoadVisit Group
Ariadne RoadVisit Group
Bath RoadVisit Group
Beccles RoadVisit Group
Belsize CloseVisit Group
Belsize RoadVisit Group
Boundary CloseVisit Group
Boundary RoadVisit Group
Bowers CourtVisit Group
Browning RoadVisit Group
Brunswick RoadVisit Group
Byron RoadVisit Group
Chaucer RoadVisit Group
College GardensVisit Group
Cowper RoadVisit Group
Downview RoadVisit Group
Elsie RoadVisit Group
Eriswell RoadVisit Group
Eton RoadVisit Group
Grand AvenueVisit Group
Heene PlaceVisit Group
Heene RoadVisit Group
Heene TerraceVisit Group
Heene WayVisit Group
Highgrove GardensVisit Group
Harrow RoadVisit Group
Ivy PlaceVisit Group
Lansdowne RoadVisit Group
Little PembrokesVisit Group
Longfellow RoadVisit Group
Manor CloseVisit Group
Manor RoadVisit Group
Marine ParadeVisit Group
Mill RoadVisit Group
Milton RoadVisit Group
Milton StreetVisit Group
Montague StreetVisit Group
Norfolk StreetVisit Group
Nursery LaneVisit Group
Queen’s RoadVisit Group
Richmond CourtVisit Group
Richmond RoadVisit Group
Rowlands RoadVisit Group
Rugby RoadVisit Group
Sea View RoadVisit Group
Shakespeare RoadVisit Group
Shelley RoadVisit Group
South Street (Central Ward)Visit Group
Southey RoadVisit Group
St Botolph’s RoadVisit Group
St Michael’s CourtVisit Group
St Michael’s RoadVisit Group
St Valerie RoadVisit Group
Tarring RoadVisit Group
Tennyson RoadVisit Group
The Acre CloseVisit Group
Thorn RoadVisit Group
Valencia RoadVisit Group
West ParadeVisit Group
Western PlaceVisit Group
Western RowVisit Group
Willow CourtVisit Group
Winchester RoadVisit Group
Wordsworth RoadVisit Group
Wykeham RoadVisit Group
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High Salvington Street List
Arundel Road - north of A27Visit Group
Blenhiem Court - Cote StreetVisit Group
Broadview GardensVisit Group
Bost HillVisit Group
Chatsworth CloseVisit Group
Cherry WalkVisit Group
Chute AvenueVisit Group
Chute WayVisit Group
Cote StreetVisit Group
Crockhurst HillVisit Group
Ellis AvenueVisit Group
Firsdown CloseVisit Group
Firsdown RoadVisit Group
Foxley LaneVisit Group
Furze CloseVisit Group
Furze RoadVisit Group
FurzeholmeVisit Group
Gorse LaneVisit Group
Hayling GardensVisit Group
Hayling RiseVisit Group
Heather LaneVisit Group
High ViewVisit Group
Highlands CloseVisit Group
Honeysuckle LaneVisit Group
Kinfauns DriveVisit Group
Maple CloseVisit Group
Mill LaneVisit Group
Newling WayVisit Group
Oak CloseVisit Group
Palmers WayVisit Group
RoundwoodVisit Group
Salvington HillVisit Group
Southwold CloseVisit Group
Swandean CloseVisit Group
Uplands AvenueVisit Group
Wellingham LaneVisit Group
West HillVisit Group
West Hill CloseVisit Group
Woodland AvenueVisit Group
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Marine Street List
Aglaia RoadVisit Group
Albany CloseVisit Group
Anscombe CloseVisit Group
Anscombe RoadVisit Group
Ardale CloseVisit Group
Bath RoadVisit Group
Berkeley SquareVisit Group
Bernard RoadVisit Group
Boundary RoadVisit Group
Brooklyn AvenueVisit Group
Bruce AvenueVisit Group
Bruce WayVisit Group
Carlton MewsVisit Group
Chancton CloseVisit Group
Chancton View RoadVisit Group
Chesham CloseVisit Group
Courtlands CloseVisit Group
Courtlands WayVisit Group
Dorchester GardensVisit Group
Douglas AvenueVisit Group
Douglas CloseVisit Group
Dover RoadVisit Group
Downview RoadVisit Group
East AvenueVisit Group
Eirene AvenueVisit Group
Eirene RoadVisit Group
Elm GroveVisit Group
George V AvenueVisit Group
Gerald RoadVisit Group
Goring RoadVisit Group
Grand AvenueVisit Group
Hailsham RoadVisit Group
Hastings RoadVisit Group
High BeechesVisit Group
Hurst AvenueVisit Group
Hythe CloseVisit Group
Hythe RoadVisit Group
Langham GardensVisit Group
Lansdowne CloseVisit Group
Lansdowne PlaceVisit Group
Lansdowne RoadVisit Group
Latimer RoadVisit Group
Marine CloseVisit Group
Mill House GardensVisit Group
Mill RoadVisit Group
North AvenueVisit Group
Pembroke AvenueVisit Group
Pevensey GardenVisit Group
Pevensey RoadVisit Group
Phrosso RoadVisit Group
Reigate RoadVisit Group
Ripley RoadVisit Group
Robson RoadVisit Group
Rochester Court, Pevensey GardenVisit Group
Romney RoadVisit Group
Rose WalkVisit Group
Rowlands RoadVisit Group
Rugby RoadVisit Group
Rye CloseVisit Group
Sandwich RoadVisit Group
Sea CloseVisit Group
Sea PlaceVisit Group
Shaftesbury AvenueVisit Group
South AvenueVisit Group
Southview DriveVisit Group
Southview GardensVisit Group
St Raphael RoadVisit Group
St Valerie RoadVisit Group
Sunny CloseVisit Group
Tarring RoadVisit Group
The DriveVisit Group
The RowansVisit Group
Trent RoadVisit Group
Wallace AvenueVisit Group
West AvenueVisit Group
West ParadeVisit Group
West Park LaneVisit Group
Winchelsea GardensVisit Group
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Goring Street List
Aldsworth AvenueVisit Group
Aldsworth CourtVisit Group
Alinora AvenueVisit Group
Alinora CloseVisit Group
Alinora CrescentVisit Group
Alinora DriveVisit Group
Amberley DriveVisit Group
Angus RoadVisit Group
Ardingly DriveVisit Group
Arlington AvenueVisit Group
Arlington CloseVisit Group
Ashurst CloseVisit Group
Ashurst DriveVisit Group
Banstead CloseVisit Group
Barrington CloseVisit Group
Barrington RoadVisit Group
Beachside CloseVisit Group
Bodiam AvenueVisit Group
Brook Barn WayVisit Group
Bury DriveVisit Group
Chatsmore CrescentVisit Group
Chelwood AvenueVisit Group
Clive AvenueVisit Group
Compton AvenueVisit Group
Cowdray CloseVisit Group
Cowdray DriveVisit Group
Crowborough DriveVisit Group
Denton CloseVisit Group
Drummond RoadVisit Group
Eastergate CloseVisit Group
Elgin RoadVisit Group
Fairview AvenueVisit Group
Falmer AvenueVisit Group
Falmer CloseVisit Group
Fernhurst DriveVisit Group
Glynde AvenueVisit Group
Goring RoadVisit Group
Goring WayVisit Group
Harvey RoadVisit Group
Ilex WayVisit Group
Jefferies LaneVisit Group
Juno CloseVisit Group
Jupp’s LaneVisit Group
Keymer CrescentVisit Group
Keymer WayVisit Group
Lancaster RoadVisit Group
Marine CrescentVisit Group
Marine DriveVisit Group
Marlborough RoadVisit Group
Marlborough WayVisit Group
Martlets WayVisit Group
Melbourne AvenueVisit Group
Melbourne RoadVisit Group
Mersham GardensVisit Group
Midhurst DriveVisit Group
Moat WayVisit Group
Montrose CloseVisit Group
Mulberry GardensVisit Group
Mulberry LaneVisit Group
Nutley AvenueVisit Group
Nutley CloseVisit Group
Nutley CrescentVisit Group
Nutley DriveVisit Group
Palmerston AvenueVisit Group
Parklands AvenueVisit Group
Patricia AvenueVisit Group
Patricia CloseVisit Group
Petworth AvenueVisit Group
Rosebery AvenueVisit Group
Rudgwick AvenueVisit Group
Ryecroft CloseVisit Group
Ryecroft GardensVisit Group
Sandown AvenueVisit Group
Sandown CloseVisit Group
Sea LaneVisit Group
Sea PlaceVisit Group
Seafield AvenueVisit Group
Shaftesbury AvenueVisit Group
Singleton CrescentVisit Group
Smugglers WalkVisit Group
Southsea AvenueVisit Group
St John’s AvenueVisit Group
St John’s CloseVisit Group
Thakeham CloseVisit Group
Thakeham DriveVisit Group
Wadhurst DriveVisit Group
Walpole AvenueVisit Group
Warnham CloseVisit Group
Warnham RoadVisit Group
Wellesley AvenueVisit Group
Withdean AvenueVisit Group
Woods WayVisit Group
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Offington Street List
Aldwick CrescentVisit Group
Alford CloseVisit Group
Allendale AvenueVisit Group
Ashfold AvenueVisit Group
Austen GateVisit Group
Beeches AvenueVisit Group
Bost HillVisit Group
Broomfield AvenueVisit Group
Central AvenueVisit Group
Charmandean LaneVisit Group
Chawton GateVisit Group
Cissbury AvenueVisit Group
Cissbury DriveVisit Group
Cissbury GardensVisit Group
Cissbury RoadVisit Group
Coombe RiseVisit Group
Downside AvenueVisit Group
Downside CloseVisit Group
Fairway CloseVisit Group
Fifth AvenueVisit Group
Findon RoadVisit Group
First AvenueVisit Group
Fontwell CloseVisit Group
Fontwell DriveVisit Group
Fourth AvenueVisit Group
Franklands CloseVisit Group
Gorse AvenueVisit Group
Greatham RoadVisit Group
Hall AvenueVisit Group
Hall CloseVisit Group
Hazelhurst CrescentVisit Group
Hill Barn LaneVisit Group
Hillside AvenueVisit Group
Hillview RiseVisit Group
Hillview RoadVisit Group
Hollingbury GardensVisit Group
Hurston CloseVisit Group
Kearsley DriveVisit Group
Lambleys LaneVisit Group
Lavington RoadVisit Group
Lime Tree AvenueVisit Group
Links RoadVisit Group
Long MeadowVisit Group
LonglandsVisit Group
Longlands GladeVisit Group
Longlands SpinneyVisit Group
Loxwood Avenue - has subgroupVisit Main Group
Visit Subgroup
Lyons WayVisit Group
Marshall AvenueVisit Group
May Tree AvenueVisit Group
Mayfield CloseVisit Group
Offington AvenueVisit Group
Offington CourtVisit Group
Offington DriveVisit Group
Offington GardensVisit Group
Offington LaneVisit Group
Parham CloseVisit Group
Parham RoadVisit Group
Park CloseVisit Group
Pines AvenueVisit Group
Poulters LaneVisit Group
Prince William CloseVisit Group
Rectory RoadVisit Group
Sanditon WayVisit Group
Shepherds MeadVisit Group
Shirley CloseVisit Group
Shirley DriveVisit Group
Sompting Road North of A27Visit Group
South Farm RoadVisit Group
Storrington RiseVisit Group
Sullington GardensVisit Group
The HeightsVisit Group
Third AvenueVisit Group
Upper Brighton RoadVisit Group
Vale AvenueVisit Group
Vale DriveVisit Group
Vale WalkVisit Group
Valentine CloseVisit Group
Valley GardensVisit Group
Wantley RoadVisit Group
Warren CloseVisit Group
Warren Farm PlaceVisit Group
Warren GardensVisit Group
Warren RoadVisit Group
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Salvington Street ListVisit Group
A’becket GardensVisit Group
Acacia AvenueVisit Group
Arundel Road - south of A27Visit Group
Ashacre LaneVisit Group
Ashacre MewsVisit Group
Ashacre WayVisit Group
Barn CloseVisit Group
Beechwood AvenueVisit Group
Blackdown RoadVisit Group
Bodmin CloseVisit Group
Bodmin RoadVisit Group
Bramble LaneVisit Group
Brecon CloseVisit Group
Brendon RoadVisit Group
Burford CloseVisit Group
Cedar AvenueVisit Group
Cedar CloseVisit Group
Cherry GardensVisit Group
Cherry Tree CloseVisit Group
Cheviot CloseVisit Group
Cheviot RoadVisit Group
Chiltern CrescentVisit Group
Cleveland CloseVisit Group
Cleveland RoadVisit Group
Copthorne CloseVisit Group
Copthorne HillVisit Group
Cotswold CloseVisit Group
Cotswold RoadVisit Group
Cradock PlaceVisit Group
Crockhurst HillVisit Group
Cuckfield CrescentVisit Group
Cumbrian CloseVisit Group
Curzon CloseVisit Group
Durrington HillVisit Group
Edgehill CloseVisit Group
Exmoor CloseVisit Group
Exmoor CrescentVisit Group
Exmoor DriveVisit Group
Fircroft CloseVisit Group
Goodwood RoadVisit Group
Greyfriars CloseVisit Group
Half Moon LaneVisit Group
Hammond DriveVisit Group
Ivydore AvenueVisit Group
James CloseVisit Group
Lingfield CloseVisit Group
Little GablesVisit Group
Littlehampton RoadVisit Group
Lowther RoadVisit Group
Mardale RoadVisit Group
Mendip CrescentVisit Group
Mendip RoadVisit Group
Moorfoot RoadVisit Group
Offington LaneVisit Group
Pentland RoadVisit Group
Plantation CloseVisit Group
Plantation RiseVisit Group
Plantation WayVisit Group
Quantock CloseVisit Group
Quantock RoadVisit Group
Roedean RoadVisit Group
Rogate CloseVisit Group
Rogate RoadVisit Group
Roxburgh CloseVisit Group
Salvington CloseVisit Group
Salvington GardensVisit Group
Salvington RoadVisit Group
Selden’s MewsVisit Group
Seldens WayVisit Group
Springfield GardensVisit Group
Stone CloseVisit Group
Stone LaneVisit Group
The GlenVisit Group
The PlantationVisit Group
Treharne CloseVisit Group
Vineries CloseVisit Group
Walton CloseVisit Group
Walton LodgeVisit Group
Wentworth CloseVisit Group
West WayVisit Group
White House PlaceVisit Group
Whylands CrescentVisit Group
Whylands AvenueVisit Group
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Selden & East Worthing Street List
Alexandra RoadVisit Group
Alverstone RoadVisit Group
Archibald RoadVisit Group
Ashwood CloseVisit Group
Benedict CloseVisit Group
Benedict DriveVisit Group
Brighton RoadVisit Group
Brook CloseVisit Group
Brookdean RoadVisit Group
Brougham RoadVisit Group
Brougham WalkVisit Group
Chatham RoadVisit Group
Chesswood CloseVisit Group
Chesswood RoadVisit Group
Chester AvenueVisit Group
Church WalkVisit Group
Colebrook CloseVisit Group
Cottenham RoadVisit Group
Cranworth RoadVisit Group
Dale RoadVisit Group
Dawes AvenueVisit Group
Dawes CloseVisit Group
Devonport PlaceVisit Group
Devonport RoadVisit Group
Eldon RoadVisit Group
Farncombe RoadVisit Group
Gannon RoadVisit Group
Halsbury CloseVisit Group
Halsbury RoadVisit Group
Ham CloseVisit Group
Ham RoadVisit Group
Ham WayVisit Group
Heatherstone RoadVisit Group
Homefield RoadVisit Group
Ladydell RoadVisit Group
Lyndhurst RoadVisit Group
Madeira AvenueVisit Group
Malvern CloseVisit Group
Mansfield CloseVisit Group
Mansfield RoadVisit Group
Meadow CloseVisit Group
Meadow CrescentVisit Group
Meadow RoadVisit Group
Merton RoadVisit Group
Navarino RoadVisit Group
New ParadeVisit Group
Newport MewsVisit Group
Oakleigh CloseVisit Group
Oakleigh RoadVisit Group
Ophir RoadVisit Group
Pages LaneVisit Group
Park AvenueVisit Group
Pendine AvenueVisit Group
Seamill Park AvenueVisit Group
Seamill Park CrescentVisit Group
Seamill WayVisit Group
Selborne RoadVisit Group
Selden LaneVisit Group
Selden RoadVisit Group
St George’s RoadVisit Group
Stuart CloseVisit Group
Sugden RoadVisit Group
Ten AcresVisit Group
Thalassa RoadVisit Group
The EsplanadeVisit Group
Thesiger CloseVisit Group
Thesiger RoadVisit Group
Thurlow RoadVisit Group
Windsor RoadVisit Group
Wychwood GardensVisit Group
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Tarring Street List
Athelstan RoadVisit Group
Barton CloseVisit Group
Becket RoadVisit Group
Bellview RoadVisit Group
Bishops CloseVisit Group
Canterbury CourtVisit Group
Canterbury RoadVisit Group
Castle CloseVisit Group
Castle RoadVisit Group
Castle WayVisit Group
Chantry RoadVisit Group
Chippers CloseVisit Group
Chippers RoadVisit Group
Chippers WalkVisit Group
Church RoadVisit Group
Church WayVisit Group
Church Way CloseVisit Group
Cranmer RoadVisit Group
Ely CloseVisit Group
Ely RoadVisit Group
Ethelred RoadVisit Group
Ethelwulf RoadVisit Group
FairfieldsVisit Group/
Friar WalkVisit Group
Glebe RoadVisit Group
Greystone AvenueVisit Group
Guildford CloseVisit Group
Guildford RoadVisit Group
Harefield AvenueVisit Group
Haynes RoadVisit Group
Haynes WayVisit Group
Heathfield CloseVisit Group
High Street (Tarring Ward)Visit Group
Highdown AvenueVisit Group
Highfield RoadVisit Group
Lanfranc RoadVisit Group
Leeward CloseVisit Group
Leeward RoadVisit Group
Lenhurst WayVisit Group
Lincett AvenueVisit Group
Lincett DriveVisit Group
Lincoln RoadVisit Group
Lindum RoadVisit Group
Lindum WayVisit Group
Littlehampton RoadVisit Group
Market PlaceVisit Group
Northfield RoadVisit Group
Parkfield CourtVisit Group
Parkfield RoadVisit Group
Pelham RoadVisit Group
Peverel RoadVisit Group
Pilgrims CloseVisit Group
Pilgrims WalkVisit Group
Princess AvenueVisit Group
Priory CloseVisit Group
Rackham CloseVisit Group
Rackham RoadVisit Group
Radnor CloseVisit Group
Radnor RoadVisit Group
Rectory RoadVisit Group
Ringmer RoadVisit Group
Rusper RoadVisit Group
Rusper Road SouthVisit Group
Selsey CloseVisit Group
Somerset CloseVisit Group
South Street (Tarring Ward)Visit Group
St Lawrence AvenueVisit Group
St Andrew’s Road – has subgroupVisit Main Group
Visit Subgroup

Data Attributions

Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2020
Contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and database right 2020
Map of Worthing electoral Wards: Derivative work. Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right / CC BY-SA

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